1. Me and Hermana Wells after teaching for the second time (which went waaaay better than the first, which we penned a mini disaster).

2. Our beloved classroom at West Campus (complete with it's own balcony for personal study time).

3. #candid pic of our District studying

4. Elder Wright after a Tide-to-go pen accident. We love him.

5. Found Sorella Fuller at devotional!

6. Slightly obsessed with Mexico. Hermana Messenger is on the left.

7. This is what happens when the elders steal my camera and take candid selfies of themselves.

8. Hermana Cook and Messenger because they're my fave.

9. I might have been way too set on getting this retractable card holder so I could look legit as I walk around campus and swipe into buildings. Laugh all you want.

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