one eternal round

hola familia,

I think that this has been the happiest and also most content that I have been my entire mission. It is almost too perfect, and at times I think that my whole mission has almost been too good to be true — seventeen months that have felt like years and years of learning, and seconds and seconds of happiness and joy. We had a last minute conference yesterday with an elder from the Seventy where we sang "I Believe in Christ," and right then and there I realized how much I will miss singing in Spanish and being a missionary. It really is the best. 

The highlights of this week include: 

— the bishop asking President Garcia for permission to drive us around, even when an hermana isn't with us. Because he is Bishop Parra, President of course told him yes. Sometimes he reminds me so much of how Papa probably was that I feel at home and among real family. 

intercambios with las hermanas de Industrial. We were worried that Hna. Leon would feel like a neglected child with all these other hermanas coming for exchanges, but we have decided that it is good for her so that she is not an only child. She will just have a lot of sisters for the next five weeks. 

— ward talent show, which featured a country dance by the Primary and a Japanese pop song. So many talents. 

My favorite part of this week was Sunday, when we all gathered as missionaries with President to listen to Elder Mendosa. He talked to us about teaching repentance and baptizing converts, and then he asked us if there was a limit to faith. I woke up this morning thinking about this question and realized that to all good things, there is no end. There is no end to faith — perhaps we will one day have a faith that is more perfect and more of a knowledge, but we will still have to have faith in the way that God did when He sent His children to earth. It makes me grateful, knowing that all the Gospel principles and everything that comes about because of them are each eternal — progression, understanding, love, family. And this Valentine's weekend, I am grateful for the knowledge and surety that I have of our eternal family and limitless happiness. So, thank you for being a part of my eternity, dear family, now and forever. 

Love you so much and can't wait to see you!

love always,

Hermana Rhondeau


walking on sunshine

(literally: because it is so hot, and figuratively: because I am so happy). 

dearest family, 

We were basically a wreck on Sunday night waiting for our transfer calls to come for our last transfer together. We might have gotten everyone to pray with the hope that we would be able to stay together for these last few weeks, aaaaaaand WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER. And training a new missionary together. Poor girl, she is going to have two mothers to listen to, but we are so excited and unbelievably happy and basically God is good and listens to prayers and the inner desires of the heart. We just got back from picking her up; her name is Hermana Leon, from Ecuador. She is 19 years old and we already love her — so willing to please and in awe of everything that is Merida. We are excited to figure out how to be parents together. It is kind of hilarious and we will probably mess up a lot of times, but we are willing to learn. 

Don't have a lot of time to write today, due to so many things that we have to do within the next few hours to get her home and settled. But I love you and miss you each so much. Maybe I will try to send pictures because I haven't been able to in these last few weeks? Still working on trying to be good with technology...

love love

Hermana Rhondeau

visiting the sick
Rebeca & Jonatan
baptism de Hno Gonzalo
with Elder Nolasco and Elder Saunooke, before eating cake

we always end up twinning with the APs without planning it. and then everyone asks us if we planned it and it gets uncomfortable...
on the calle
hammock shopping with the bishop and his wife
talking with Maria del Socorro