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This week passed by in a second — a strange nature of time that I fear will prove true for my whole mission. Because guess what? WE LEAVE IN TEN DAYS. What. It is a weird mixture of anticipation and excitement and fear when thinking that I will soon be in the land of the Yucatan. However, we have all decided that we are ready to leave this little haven of ours for the real world, because the thought of leaving has become almost more terrifying than the thought of staying here forever — which means we have been here long enough. While my heart is already beginning to miss these people who will no longer be mine every minute of every hour and day, there is no greater joy than thinking about those people in Merida and the fact that I will soon know them. 

Due to this glorious fall weather, our teachers let us teach a few lessons outside, which made me so happy. We also participated in a trust exercise with our companions, which involved directing each other around the MTC (in Spanish) with our eyes were closed. It was hilarious and fun and I love my companions so, so much. Hermana Wilson and I taught a new investigator, Olga, this week (note: we're pretty sure that two of the three people we've taught for TRC are all real investigators — as in, they're not members of the Church volunteering to act as investigators. We think this is pretty exciting and also a little intimidating). Olga is atheist, which meant we had to start with the basics. In all honesty, the basics are my favorite things to teach. We taught her about God and the nature of Him as our Father — a topic that has long become my favorite to teach (partly because the Spanish comes easily for me in these lessons, and partly because the Spirit is always fully present when I talk about my Father in heaven). I am trying to become better at listening, both with my investigators and the Spirit. Listening to Olga was slightly sobering, because she has been searching for something more in her life and still doesn't know where to find it. I can't imagine feeling like something was always missing from my being and my soul, and so we're trying to fill her missing pieces and cracked emotions with the healing and wholeness of the Gospel. We love her and are excited to teach her. 

Anyways, for some reason I am having a hard time recalling/recounting everything that has occurred within these past seven days. I do know they were ones of happiness and humility and hope, which the Gospel and good people seem to always bring. We'll be receiving our travel plans tomorrow, so I will let you know the details/when I can call you from the airport!

mucho amor,

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