ants, a wheelchair, and Christmas cookies

mi y mi companera by the temple
Dearest family,

Disclaimer: This email is going to be a quick one so that I can send pictures — we don't have much time to write, and so I figure that pictures are worth more than words sometimes, right? Entonces, my week in bullet points: 

+  contacted an hermana that believed Mormon missionaries kidnapped children. We quickly corrected this belief and hope that our visit with her has changed her view of the Church forever.

+  our progressing investigator Hna. Jenny has become somewhat of a grandma to us because she feeds us every time we teach her. Our last visit included hot chocolate and cookies that tasted like Christmas. It was perfect. 

+  everyone here is getting sick because the weather has dropped a total of ten degrees (as in, its still about eighty degrees or more every day). It is slightly hilarious because everyone wears sweaters and sleeps all day. 

+  it is a dark day when the fact that dead ants floating in my morning granola doesn't phase me anymore. We consider it a type of protein and are still working on ridding our casa of this plague. 

+  the most exciting event of the week: Hna Martinez is now confined to a wheelchair for the next two weeks, and so we now walk the streets with her in the wheelchair and me pushing from behind (does this sound like a story for the Ensign? We think so). My companion has a perpetual problem with her knee and has to have surgery, and so for the time being we are utilizing this new addition to our benefit — as in, we think people have more pity on us and listen to us more because they feel bad for our current situation. It is slightly comical to be walking through these crazy calles with a wheelchair, but it is a grand adventure. My companion is an example of steadfast faith and diligence, and refuses to rest or stop working. She has taught me so much in the way of how to be a fully dedicated missionary, and I love her mucho. 

+  this past Sunday was the Primary Program (the theme being Familias Son Eternas — I may have cried a little during the whole thing, because 1) my family is my joy, and 2) listening to small Mexican children sing about the family is almost too much goodness in one sitting). During this whole program, my heart existed in a moment of pure gratitude for all of you, my dear family. How lucky I am to have been raised in a family that taught me about the light and goodness of the Gospel. Every good thing I have and every good thing I know comes from what you each taught me in the home — those principles of love, happiness, and joy that come from a family founded on Jesus Christ and His teachings. It is a privilege for me to be able to testify every day about my family and the happiness and love that we have in our home because of the Gospel, so thank you, parents, for raising me in the knowledge and light of Christ and teaching me to love my Savior and His teachings. And thank you my dear siblings, for being living examples of this light and love. My heart could not be more full of gratitude for everything that you have each taught me, and I feel joy in the fact that these feelings of love within our family are eternal. 

Sorry for the randomness of this email and for the short time I have to write, but I love all of you and send you all my heart full of love and gratitude!

mucho amor,

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a selfie featuring the wall where i killed the cockroach and the fan where I accidentally killed the lizard.

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