picture day

dearest familia,

In an attempt to best utilize time/give you more of an idea of life over here in the Yucatan, this day is a day dedicated to photos (which I'm hoping will actually send, given that I am using a new cyber that is slightly questionable). 

These photos include: a view of our study area that we use for four hours every morning; a calle featuring the beautiful Merida sky (which we have decided seems a lot closer to us here — perhaps heaven is a little bit closer to the the people of Merida?); Hno Juan and his family on his baptism day (!!!); a typical breakfast (yes, OCD Naomi still exists here); physical therapy excitement; a horse tied to a stop sign — NBD; the grandson of Hna. Jenny who gives us kisses on the cheek every time and has the best smile in the world; and two cats that belong to the Familia Estudillo (mom, this photo is for you). Not pictured: the interpretive dances to songs from Frozen that we witnessed in a calle on Friday, and the 34 bus rides (yes, I counted), that we had to take this week for the daily three hour roundtrip to physical therapy. 

Hopefully all of these send — if not, you can imagine all of these things with the description above, and feel of my love with these few words. I love you, dear family of mine!




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