dear family of mine, 

This is going to be a short one, because it is almost eight o'clock here and time is quickly slipping away  along with all the events that passed by with the dawning of this day. A short run down of this last week: we are continually being blessed with run-ins with new families to teach. We have started teaching Hna Eva and her grandchildren who live with her, and they are quite a lovely bunch. Her spouse, a noble and good soul of eighty-something years, entered into our lesson just as we were ending, and upon his entry we both recognized that we had met before — he was someone that I had contacted on the bus weeks before, trying to ask him for the direction to his home so we could teach him, but not being able to write his address down because 1) he didn't really know his address, and 2) it was really hard to understand him amongst the rumblings of the bus and the fact that he kept trying to offer me his newly purchased bananas. He is quite a character, and I think they are a family God has prepared for us to teach, seeing that we encountered them on two occasions. We are also continuing to teach Hno. Alfonzo, and on Sunday his daughters joined us in the lesson. I have never felt more of a godly love than I do whenever I am sitting on a paint can for a chair in his home of light and love. They are the good and great ones, and we are really excited to teach them. The Familia Estudillo is preparing for their baptism this Saturday (woohoo!), and yet again, they continue to amaze and prove that there really is such a thing as golden investigators (example: Hno Rene is now reactivating an inactive 12 year old in our ward. Basically everyone thinks they are members). 

Yesterday was a day of waiting and waiting for the call from our zone leaders in order to hear what the future held for us in this cambio. When the call finally came, it brought the news that Hna. Martinez is going to be in the other part of our area that split (as in the part that was our area before we split this transfer — does that make sense?) with her new hija, and I am staying in Mulsay with my first hija! It is a slightly daunting responsibility, (as in, will you all pray for me please?/pray for mi hija), but I am also really grateful for this opportunity to grow and stretch my abilities perhaps beyond the point that I imagined. My new companion is Hna. Huerta — nienteen years old, from Mexico, and as sweet as can be. I will send pictures next week when I have the time. I love love love you all and am forever overwhelmed with the beautiful and bright promise of an eternity with you — hope that all is joyful at home!

love always,

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