Hna Vargas (feat. her husband in the background) cutting open coconuts

coconuts plus knife

pretending that I'm strong enough to open a coconut

we had an invasion of ants and were forced to pray kneeling down on our chairs to avoid them.

photo evidence that I eat meat now (we don't really know what happened in this photo, only that Hna. Huerta took it and that it is not a selfie). This particular meat dish included three different types of meat. 

Hna Huerta going in for the kill (these scorpions look small in the photos, but really, they were huge)

Hno Rene and Hno Oscar, a member in the ward that baptized him. So happy.

A Sunday gathering, featuring neighborhood children that we don't really know, and one of our favorite new investigators (far right) who reminds me of characters from LOTR and speaks English and always responds, "some day" (in English) whenever we invite him to be baptized. We looooove him. 

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