Hna Yajaira (an investigator) and Hna. Damaris (a member of the ward who is literally the most beautiful person I have ever met, and who has a personality that matches her loveliness)
La Familia Uh Colli, a family that we have been trying to reactivate for months. We absolutely love them, despite the fact that they never smile in photos (I don't know if this is a Mexican thing, or an Uh Colli thing)
we made a fort out of a mosquito net while waiting for transfers. yep, this is what we do for fun.
Hna Carmen and Hno Alfonso Jr — we stopped by because I thought I would be getting transferred and we hadn't been able to visit Hno. Alfonso (their dad) in weeks. There are three more of them in their family, but only these two were home — oh how I love them!

our district. there are only four elders in our zone (the zone leaders and our district leader and his companion), so they call us the Relief Society.

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