Mulsay Merida Mission

the puppy that the members here have gifted me.
 they are not kidding. we have to come back in a year to take him home....
quick update since time is nonexistent today:

transfer calls came last night, aaaaand......'Im staying in Mulsay! Again! With a new hija! Her name is Hna Guerra and she's from Panama, has a Perry the Platypus obsession, and likes to run (my first companion ever on the mission who wants to exercise — woohoo!). Basically, I think we will get along quite well. And basically I think I will be in Mulsay for my whole mission. 

I'm going to send pictures to update you on the last three weeks, and promise a real email the next. Love you and miss you always!


Familia Mena, my favorites. They moved all their beds outside and sleep there every night. They are so cool

a door that I want to have when I am older

Hna Soriano teaching Hna Romina how to read. Isn't she lovely?
Hna Lupita's baptism. She is incredible. As in, she came to church fasting, paid her tithing, and came with us to visit new investigators. Her new life goal is to follow God, and well, she's doing just that. 

Hna Soriano with her lime leaves. She would pick flowers off every tree we passed. 

Cruising in our moto taxis

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