dearest familia,

The rainy season has officially begun, which has been a nice change from the 100 degrees we usually enjoy (plus it kind of makes me feel like I am at home/makes me want to stay in all day and read a good book in my hammock). This week was full of a few changes: new weather, new investigators, new challenges, new rules (the mission changed the rules of P-day — we used to have meetings every P-day in the morning, and never had a lot of time to do anything else after. I guess Hna Garcia wants the missionaries to be happier/smile a little more here, so they gave us the whole entire day on monday to have P-day and it is glorious. We love it and are filling every hour with things that we could never do before, i.e. morning runs in Centro, morning breakfasts from the bread vendors, small shopping excursions, etc.).

This morning Hna Guerra and I fulfilled our long-time dream of running through Centro in the rain. We finished our run with a quick trip to the museum, which changed my life and has now inspired me to study Mayan history and the Mayan language. But really. Why have I never studied the history of the Yucatan before? The museum was full of paintings depicting the wars that had ravaged this part of the world in the earlier years. There was one painting I liked the most, one that depicted the eagle and serpent from the Mexican flag. Confession: I have never liked the Mexican flag. Maybe I thought it wasnt even cute. But after seeing this painting which depicts la lucha eterna of Mexico and reading its description, I have changed my ways and like the Mexican flag. Maybe I even think it's cute now. And all this is because I discovered that the eagle represents good, and that the serpent represents evil, and that together they tell of the constant fight between good and evil here in the Yucatan. It made me think about how all the stories from the beginning of the world have always been stories of good versus evil, right versus wrong. It has been that way since the beginning, I think, even before we came to this world. Because wasn't there opposition in the same minute that God presented His good plan to us in the heavens? I think it is interesting that every good and great story has included the fight to do what is right in opposition of the wrong, and that everyone always wants the good to win. I was thinking about this a lot this week, because we experienced a lot of rejection and had a lot of lessons with people that just didn't really understand why there has to be just one church if they think they are already okay and saved and with God. It was kind of frustrating. Actually really frustrating. But today in a museum in the center of Merida, God reminded me that there will always be right and wrong, and hard and easy, and good and bad, but that good will always win, because the good has won since the beginning of everything and has always overcome the bad in every story written in every book. So I guess at the end of the day it will always be right to be good and do good, and that in the end, good will always win. 

Love and miss you a lot and always, but am so happy to hear that the wedding was beautiful and happy!

Hermana Rhondeau

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