remember Christ

 proof that I eat hamburgers now. and no, that is not a veggie pattie. 
view at night
a Mexican rendition of a smoothie, with shaved ice and three types of milk. yes, I felt sick after but it was worth the experience.

buenas tardes,

This will be short because we took the long(er) journey to Centro in search of pretty things and ended up losing a lot of time, so...in a nutshell: the members either really missed having missionaries in their ward or just really like us, because a) they drive us around our area in their cars (which means air conditioning and happiness), and b) they give us free food and treat us like their children. We are well taken care of here in Zazil-ha, to the point where I am overwhelmed with the people and their goodness and their faith. They remind me of Christ, actually, because they act on their faith and help people with courage but also kindness and they don't have much but they give everything. Hermana Villalobos and I gave talks on Sunday, testifying about missionary work but more about Christ. I don't know if I had forgotten to testify about Christ for awhile, or if I had forgotten my faith and love for Him amidst all the changes and challenges. Isnt that funny? I think I forgot Him when I most needed Him. But standing in front of God's chosen children on Sunday, testifying of their Savior and His reality made me remember Him and how much I love Him. I don't think I know my Savior with the magnitude and depth that I would like to, but I do know that I love Him because He is kind and long-suffering and good even when other people aren't. So, I guess my message to you this week is to remember Christ — not as someone unknown and distant, but as a Savior who knows and feels just as we do. I think He wants to be known, not for reward or recognition or praise, but because He loves us and wishes that we feel the same. 

Love you and miss you, dear family of mine. In eight months more!

love always,

Hermana Rhondeau

at the end of the school year every class dances and dresses like this. It is the cutest thing and no one is ashamed.
after the rain

it rained and rained on friday until the streets were rivers and we were literally soaked through. 

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