hola querido familia,

Sometimes the internet decides not to work here and I am left with little time to write you, so a brief summary of the past seven days:

— new baby lizard the size of a fingernail (literally) that now lives in our sink. I am now the official lizard whisperer instead of killer (hopefully) because we always have them in our house. 

— we discovered that the tienda that is so conveniently placed across the street from our house has been taking advantage of our foreign-ness and has been swindling us of our money since day one. We continue to buy their cookies. 

— new Sunday School president's (at times) unrighteous dominion. Shouldn't be funny but most of the time it is. He is twenty one years old and always calls us to join in "la obra misional," asking us when we are going to do missionary work and if he can come. Um, we do missionary work all day every day. 

— force-feeding ourselves two full plates of food during Thursday lunch. We were part crying part laughing and it was slightly horrible but we ate it all because the people here give us everything when they have nothing. 

— we spent another night walking under a black sky with hanging stars that covered us for a lot of hours. We didn't know quite what to do or where to go, feeling so un-guided and unsure of what God was trying to have us do. We helped a woman carry two buckets of water to her house that was ten steps away, and I felt like that was the only good we had done throughout the whole day. My companion asked me why God allows us to walk a lot sometimes if He wants us to find His children and help them and heal them. For a minute I didn't really know either. But then I thought about Christ and how God let him walk a lot, too. And then I thought about a scripture in 1 Nephi 11, when Nephi says that He doesn't understand a lot of the mysteries of God but that He does know that God loves His children. And I guess that was my testimony that long night — first, that Christ had to walk a lot, and second, that God always loves His children and for that fact there will never be anything that He does or invokes that will not be for the eternal and temporal welfare of His children. It is a privilege to walk on dusty roads that mirror the same ones Christ knew and followed, remembering that holier feet have walked where we walk and that eternal eyes and an eternal heart keeps seeing and loving us as we walk these long and sometimes hard but also happy paths of life. 

love you oh so much and think about you always,
Hermana Rhondeau

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