because I have been given much

hola family,

Hopefully you got the news that we went to the temple today, which meant that our p-day was changed. If not, I really hope that no one panicked and called the offices — I am alive and well and do not have chinkunguya. 

Last week felt like one year, and this week went by in a second. We are super, super busy. As in one Wednesday I came home and curled up in a ball on the tile floor with the fan on full blast with the intent of never moving my body ever again. I have never been so exhausted, but I have also never been so happy. I don't remember when the whole complete and full happiness on the mission thing started happening, but I am liking it. 

Run down of the week:

Tuesday: leadership meeting en Centro, which involved a kind of cool set-up of really long tables and blue tableclothes that made everything seem really official. Then we all started talking and I realized that we are still nineteen and twenty year olds trying to be missionaries, and it made me feel less scared. We ate Costco muffins and chocolate milk (shout out to Dan) which felt like home. 

Wednesday: house checks with Hermana Garcia and the assistants — we thought she liked our house, but then they called the next day and told us that we have to move. I guess they didn't like the fact that we don't have a shower head and have been showering with one blue bucket. 

Thursday: interviews with President, which proved to be the best one yet. I am so grateful for having him as a our president for the whole year and a half; he has taught me so much of things concerning the Spirit and obedience and charity. I maybe might have been frustrated with all the rules in our mission in the beginning, but now I am really grateful for them. Funny how that always happens, right?

Friday: intercambios with Hermana Ellgen = best day ever. It was literally a dream come true for us ever since she started her mission in my first zone. We spent one whole day together, which consisted of people staring at us in the streets because they had never seen two Americans together ever before. We ran after two buses that saw us but didn't stop for us, and then there was that moment when she got off the bus and I was still on it and so I had to literally jump off a moving vehicle. It was so fun. 

We worked a lot this week. We had a lot of lessons this week. Despite our work and despite the fact that we really are trying to make things better here in Zazil-ha, we didn't see the fruits of our labors from these last seven days. It's made me realize that if I have (hopefully) learned and applied one thing here, it is about how to be happy when things are not so happy. I have reallized that the whole "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy" thing completely depends on us and how we use our agency in order to reach God's hope for us — that we might be happy. It has been a liberating experience, being able to be grateful for hard things and happy for the sad ones.

Miss you and love you even more, 


Hermana Rhondeau

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