hola hermosa familia,

Everyone used to make fun of me for having nine months in one area — to the point that they put the name Merida, Mulsay Mission next to my name at every opportunity. This week I got them all back by living in four different areas in six days. To say the least, it has been a crazy seven days. They took us out of our dear Zazil-ha one week before transfers which meant that we were nomads for a short little while. 

Highs of not having a home:

— living in the nicest house in the mission in Centro for one and a half days. We were with two American sisters and they gave us peanut butter and nutella. 

— hanging out in the offices for a full day and driving around with Hermana Garcia to visit sick missionaries and buying Dairy Queen and Krispy Kreme donuts. I have never eaten so much sugar in one day than we did with her. She is absolutely hilarious and told us all about her and president and their fam and we got to listen to pretty instrumental music in her car. 

— sleeping in the mission home = beds and hot showers 

— last minute dinner changes = making a real, American-type dinner at the mission home. Costco salad with nuts and cheese, just like mom makes it.

Lows of not having a home: 

— not being able to sleep in the beds in the mission home and not having hot water by the time I showered

— living out of a suitcase is not as adventurous as it sounds

— not having an area or people to love and visit. we felt without purpose this week and it makes me scared for being home and not having a designated area and people to visit (i.e. I might be a little weird when I get back). 

We are now serving in Quintero, an area that is not too big nor too small. The people have a little more money than those in my other two areas, which has been a slight adjustment. The people were very poor and humble in Mulsay and Zazil-ha, so I am back to getting used to bigger meals and more people with cars. Our house is the prettiest house I have ever lived in: white walls, two palm trees out front, two bathrooms, and a real kitchen. We took the whole morning cleaning it and it is almost perfect now. We love it (Hermana Canseco and I, because we are still companions!). We went to the ward yesterday, and it is literally perfect. I had the first really effective ward council meeting for the first time ever here and the bishop took us to visit people yesterday without us even asking. We love it already and feel that we are really here for a reason — it feels right and we are excited to work. 

Not much to report this week, and so hopefully next week I will have more things to tell with this new area and new people and new experiences. Love you and miss you oh so much !

Hermana Rhondeau

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