the one and only Hermana Dulce. 

hola familia,

So this week we found out that we are in the second most strict mission in the world. In. The. World. To put it into perspective, Germany (shoutout to John) is in first place...

This week we also found out that my companion has dengue, which entailed three days home-bound with only fruit, jello, and a vigilant watch for fever every two hours all through the night. We ended up studying and writing and sleeping most of the time and writing lists of impossible questions for our district leader. We think he calls us last every single night because we always have questions for him which usually takes about half an hour to answer, and then Hna Villalobos practices her English for another ten minutes. We have a lot of fun, and he is really patient. He ended up being sick this week, too, so nobody in Zazil-ha was working which equals lots of study time, lots of questions, and lots of time to end up going crazy. However, I learned a lot of new things about my companion, like how she is obssessed with Korea and anime and everything Asian. It was hilarious but also made me love her more. She has become one of my best friends and we are thoroughly convinced that we knew each other before this life because we can start any conversation with any subject and always end up talking about Christ. We had a lot of good converstaions this week, spending most of the time sitting on our tile floor with two fans on full blast just talking and laughing and listening to thunderstorms and traffic outside our front window. 

Today we also found out that my companion doesn't have dengue, just a stomach infection, and that we spent three days in the house for nothing.

We braved leaving the house on Saturday for Mario's baptism. We live about ten minutes aways from our two-story church and take 50 Penal in order to get there. We take the same bus. Every single day. And I ended up getting us lost. I thought I was right and that my companion was wrong, but it ended up being the exact opposite. I learned humility, again, and I also re-learned that I still have the talent of being directionally challenged. But we got to the church and cleaned the baptismal room that was full of ants (I will never understand the amount of ants that reside in Mexico) and then waited for three hours for Mario to arrive with his girlfriend and her family. It was supposed to start at 3. We waited and waited and he never came and we had the fear that he wasn't going to show up (it's happened in the mission before), but then he came and everything was perfect. His girlfriend's dad baptized him and a lot of the ward members came. It was really, really good and all I can remember is feeling 1) so happy, and 2) seeing and feeling so much light. It was as if the room was filled with a white light that illuminated everything and everyone and Mario was so happy. Hna Villalobos and I love him quite a lot — he has become our best friend and we already have plans of what we are going to do together when we return. His girlfriend's family took us out to eat after and we (my companion and I) ended up eating the majority of the giant pizza that they bought us. The mission has taught us how to eat. 

Not much to report this week, but will send an email next week answering all of your questions from this week. 

love and miss you always,
Hermana Rhondeau

this is what it a bus in Mexico looks like (featuring: Mario plus los elderes)
Jose at church for the first time with his new tie
old photo
selfie with Mario at church. he is literally our best friend.

Mario's baptism — his girlfriend and her whole family drove from Cancun to be there
Hermana Mercedes, whom we visit at least two to three times a week because she is so funny and sassy.

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