hola dear family,

This week was another one spent in our house due to the dengue and chikungunya epidemic — we are literally going crazy because we have been confined to the house for two weeks now. I don't know how I have managed to evade it. My companion hasn't been so lucky — she has chikungunya, which gives one a rash over your whole body, a really high fever, and so much pain in your body that you cannot walk or do anything other than sleep in your hammock, which means we have been in and out of the hospital almost every day this week. In a weird way, I kind of enjoyed it because I realized that I really like being in hospitals and trying to understand everything in Spanish. Moral of the story: weird types of dengue are not fun, but I learned how to take care of one who has dengue and realized that I liked waking up every two hours to check her temperature and making her banana chocolate shakes. To make this email more interesting thatn five days in the house can make it, I will answer a few questions before having to sign off (because we are writing in the mission office and I feel self-conscious writing with everyone here for some reason...)

Okay, hammocks: yes, it's true. Literally everyone sleeps in a hammock here. It's because the weather is always so hot, and the hammock provides some type of ventilation. I actually really like sleeping in one, but sometimes end up sleeping on the floor because I am so hot and the tile is much cooler than the hammock. 

Mayan: still can't speak in Mayan. Everyone says that if you know English, Maya is more easy to learn. I don't believe it. I did learn the word for horse this week, which is tzimin

Laundry: we have to walk five calles to get to the lavandaria. This is a small sacrifice because some missionaries have to wash all of their clothes by hand. 

Okay, sorry for the lack of quality of emails from this week — but I am happy to hear that my package arrived (because it cost me 600 pesos — boo) (and because I had to wait two hours). But yay! I love you so much and miss you always. 

love love, 
Hermana Rhondeau

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