when you think you know everything

hola querida familia,

Good news! Hermana Villalobos fully recovered from chinkunguya to the point where she could walk and work just one week after having it, which is pretty much a miracle because usually no one can walk for a month after having the illness. Moral of the story: gracias for your prayers and your fasting. They were felt and received miles away in a little house in Merida, which reminds me how good God is and how nice it is to have people and love people that have faith and prayer for others in order to use it. 

Sad news: we had transfers yesterday and Hermana Villalobos and I are no longer together, which we kind of knew was going to happen at the end of her training, but still doesn't make it hurt less. We are seriously the bestest of friends and I have no doubt that I will miss her bright presence here in Zazil-ha. Because yes, I am staying in Zazil-ha. Which is what we didn't think was going to happen. We were pretty convinced that I would be leaving this part of the mission and that she would be staying, to the point that the elders were singing God Be With You and praying for my departure ( I hope they were joking..). Hermana Villalobos is now in Caucel, while I will be here with Hermana Corneco as Sister Training Leaders. We are excited to be together and already get along quite well. To be honest, I am slightly nervous. I thought that I was tired of training and being with new missionaries, but I already feel a slight sadness and longing to be with another new one. There is something quite gratifying and wonderful with being able to learn from others that supposedly don't know as much as you, and yet I learned everything from them. I am excited for this new opportunity to learn and be humbled (because I know it will happen), plus Hermana Ellgen, my BFF from Zona Centro, is now in our Zone and so I can go on splits with her and we are so excited we might have cried. 

Not much time and not much to report with only four days of working the last week. We had a glorious last four days of feeling the spirit and seeing the progress of members and less actives. It really is something quite special being able to know people and come to love them and feel the love that God has for them. The love of God is real and undeniable. I think that that is maybe what I have learned — that we are important to our Heavenly Father and that He really does know us and prepare the way for us even when we don't understand His will or His timing. 

Love you oh so much. Thanks for reminding me that I only have six months left...can't believe that I will see you relatively sooooon! 

love love
Hermana Rhondeau

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